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Daniel’s Current & Past Research

Dr van Langenberg’s current research projects (selected)

Project title: “De novo combination allopurinol-thiopurine vs standard thiopurine in inflammatory bowel disease patients escalating to immunomodulators: Randomized controlled trial (2014-)

Principal Investigator: DR van Langenberg (DvL)

Overall objective: To definitively assess whether de novo combination thiopurine-allopurinol is superior in terms of objective clinical outcomes (at week 26) compared with standard thiopurine monotherapy dosing at time of escalation to immunomodulator in IBD patients.

Project title: “The clinical utility/ application of anti TNF drug levels and antibodies  in the Australian setting”: 2013-current

Researchers: Dr Rimma Goldberg, Dr Greg Moore, Dr Sally Bell, Dr Daniel van Langenberg, Dr Lauren Beswick, Prof Peter Gibson.

Overall objective: To assess the clinical usefulness of these tests in routine clinical practice in order to optimize outcomes in IBD patients on anti-TNF therapies in Australia

Progress: Preliminary data analysis completed and presented at ECCO meeting Copenhagen February 2014

Project title: “Outcome and cost analysis of infliximab vs colectomy as salvage therapy for acute severe ulcerative colitis: A single, real world Australian centre experience” (2013-current)

Researchers: Dr Abhi Vasudevan, Dr Asiri Arachchi, Dr Daniel van Langenberg

Overall Objective: To assess patient/ disease outcomes including hospital-based costs in those patients who have received infliximab infusion(s), compared with those who received colectomy, as salvage therapy for acute severe colitis

Progress: Data collected and now analysis phase underway. To be presented at AGW 2014 (October)

Project title: “The Role of Serum Infliximab Levels in the Management of Patients with Acute Severe Ulcerative Colitis Treated with Infliximab”: (2014-current)

Principal Investigators: Dr Lauren Beswick, Dr Miles Sparrow, Dr Daniel van Langenberg, Prof Peter Gibson.

Overall objective: To assess the relationship between early infliximab drug levels and clinical response/ outcomes to salvage infliximab therapy for acute severe colitis

Progress: Ethics approval recently received, patient recruitment and testing underway

Project title: “Analysis of Whole-Genome Copy Number Variation in Crohn’s Disease Fistula Tissue”

Researchers: Dr Phillip Parker, A/Prof Aaron Russell (School of Exercise Science and Nutrition Deakin University) in collaboration with Dr D van Langenberg and Dr Patrick Hosking (Eastern Health) 2010-2014

Overall Objective: To assess the hypothesis that copy number variations and/or chromosomal instability are factors involved in the pathogenesis of fistulae in patients with Crohn’s disease

Progress: First phase completed, preliminary results submitted for publication.

Dr van Langenberg’s peer-reviewed publications as of 2014

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Other publications:

DR van Langenberg. “Demystifying Fatigue in Inflammatory Bowel Disease” [article]. Inside Insight (magazine of the Crohn’s and Colitis Association Australia) Winter Edition, 2010. 

JM Andrews, R Grafton, DR van Langenberg, VA Phan, DJ Hetzel, MN Schoeman. “The Introduction of a formal IBD Service with an Extended Roles IBD Nurse Improves Outcomes for Patients and Saves Money.” Inside Insight (magazine of the Crohn’s and Colitis Association Australia) Spring Edition, 2010.

DR van Langenberg. Muscle dysfunction & Crohn’s disease: an unheralded problem. Inside Insight (magazine of the Crohns and Colitis Association Australia) Autumn Edition, 2012

DR van Langenberg. Mucosal healing in Crohn’s disease: a new goal, a new paradigm (Gastrocentral educational website, Janssen Pty Ltd 2013).

DR van Langenberg, A MacFarlane. Case report of Mezavant use in IBD patient as educational resource, [in press] 2014).

DR van Langenberg. Fatigue in inflammatory bowel disease. Chapter 15 in “A biopsychosocial approach to management of IBD”, Eds Knowles & Mikocka-Walus, Routledge, 2014 [in press]

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